Did the Atlanta Falcons Flush the Super Bowl Down the Porta Potty?

Atlanta Falcons Fans Disappointed in Team? Whether you are a Falcons fan or not? You may know that they lost the 2017 Supper Bowl while leading the game by 25 points in the second half. We all know how a dirty portable toilets can smell. The question is, did the Falcons flush their win down [ ] The post Did the Atlanta Falcons Flush the Super Bowl Down the Porta Potty? appeared first on VIP Restrooms.

Welcome to the Portable Potty website

Portable Potty

Welcome to the Portable Potty website. There are some amazing portable toilets for sale, we’ll help you find them with great information on how to choose a porta potty for your needs.

Portable Potty Review

You’re off on a trip and need to take a Portable Potty with you. It’s great if you have young kids and family who are not inclined to pop behind a bush. This is not always practical anyway even if you have no objections to the idea. The Portable Potty is a great alternative, and there are many models to choose from, appropriate for camping, caravans, etc. Small and easily hidden, the Porta Potty is a great product to have and will provide years of service if properly used and maintained.

There are a number of manufacturers in the market, and portable toilets are sold in many outlets. Some of the best range and prices are found on the internet so you’ve come to the right place. whether you are looking for a Coleman, Reliance, Thetford Porta Potti or a Nature Bio Toilet, the range is fantastic.

We’ll discuss some of the proven models, and also mention the chemical models. These are extremely popular and virtually odourless. You can tuck it under the bed in your caravan and pull it out when needed.

Types of Portable Potties

Simple Portable Toilet

Cheap, easy to use, fold up for easy transport. It consists of a fold up frame with seat to sit on, and a bag which is attached below to catch the waste. Basic, works well, no chemicals. You need to change bags after every use, and have somewhere to dispose of them. The Nature Bio-Toilet is an example.

Drum Like Portable Toilet

Again, very simple. Comprise of a drum or pail like set-up with seat. Comes with an internal bucket which catches the waste, and is emptied by the user after each use. The Hassocks portable Toilet and Reliance Luggage Loo are two models.  They come in a range of capacities, the 5 gallon model being typical.

The Portable Potty of SanniPottie

Small, Compact, Easy to use. These are the top of the reasonably priced portable toilets. Ideal for camping, caravans, boats, camper trailers etc. Most are flushing models which comprise of two sections. In the upper section a detachable seat, a water flush tank and a toilet bowl. The lower section is a waste holding tank. A lever at the rear makes for easy removal of the waste tank. Most Portable Potty models come with a level indicator so you know when to empty.

Popular Brands of Portable Potti

Some popular brands include the Thetford Porta Potti, some include a battery operated flush and very low water usage. The Coleman Portable Flush Toilet, and the Century Portable Toilet. Prices range between $50 and $100 for the standard models, and rise above that if you are after one of the luxury porta potties.

Portable Potty Chemicals

Which type of chemical should you use in your Portable Potty? Firstly make sure that the model you own or plan to purchase is suitable for chemical use. If it is, choose a chemical that provides the benefits you need. These may include:

  • The suppressing of unpleasant smells
  • Assisting in the break down of toilet paper and solid materials
  • To protect moving parts of the toilet from corrosion
  • Keeps the waste tank clean and hygienic,  promoting  a better environment when emptying
  • Meets the correct environmental standards

We hope that this information is useful, and assists you in making your purchase.  Buying a Portable Potty is a great investment, and will certainly make your trips away far more pleasurable. Thanks for visiting.